It’s Been a Long Time…Shouldn’t Have Left You –

…without the weekly giveaways I promised you! xD

Sorry about my absence, I was out of town for a while, came back to prepare for some family medical issues that came up & I’m still actually in the process of caring for them for another week yet.

I’ve not had much time to create videos or audition  for new things, but will hopefully get back to a normal uploading schedule in another weeks time.

I’m very frustrated about one thing however. Someone has deliberately made it their mission to cause me trouble on YouTube. I got comment bombed months back and reported it to YouTube, who in turn said there was nothing they could do as the IPs were all legit. My channel has been going good since..until another couple of weeks ago. This person (I will not give out her name – but she knows who she is) has got me banned from my Adsense by spam clicking my ads.

This frustrates me so much – the process of how they determine who to disable, as there is no real set of rules present for doing so. ANYONE can get you banned simply by clicking your ads too much – ANYONE. So using is it basically useless, but essential if you are a YouTube partner. I have had my partnership taken away, and I can never apply for another anywhere else for my YouTube as it only uses Adsense for partners to get paid.

I did not create my YouTube in hopes of making loads of cash, but it never hurt, as I spend a lot of time and money doing what I do.  Anything I give away that has a monetary value comes out of my pocket to reward my fans & followers.

So…thank you very much #MissJealousAlready”Famous”Bitch who makes it her job to cause drama among the community. I really hope people see you for who you are sooner rather than later. You don’t deserve all the success you’ve acquired by lying, cheating, and beating down others for no reason. FIN!


Ok, so now onto a more happy note – your newest giveaway!

I’ve got a couple more DOTA 2 Keys I would love to give you all. Please check the Giveaways  page to get the info!

I’ve pretty much been dead on my social sites until I get back into my routine, but you’re always free to leave me comments & messages – I try to respond to you all ❤

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